Importent information

From Friday June 04 every weekend during one month Radio Mi-amigo.
Then every month during the weekends a different station.
From Friday 6:00 pm to Monday 07:00 am

We are working on the new programs from our great archive.
Some can already be heard.
A lot of work, because it is rough material and everything has to be trimmed and pasted.
We have now built up a huge archive in recent years, but
much has still been left.
this will now be worked on in this near future.

This week on the weekdays one hour radio docu abbout
the history of the radio memory's.

Next Monday to Friday 18:00 to 19:00 hour.

New on Wednesday laser 558
From 07:00 t0 19:00

New streaming service is online.
Look on the homepages.